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Accomodation  understands that finding suitable accommodation is an essential aspect of studying abroad. We recognize that preferences and budgets vary, which is why we offer a range of accommodation options tailored to your specific needs. Whether you prefer on-campus housing, shared apartments, or homestays, our team will assist you in finding the perfect accommodation solution.




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Accomodation, Many universities and language schools offer dormitories to students on or around their campuses. Dormitories allow students to stay in a social environment and interact with other international students.

Apartment Or House To Rent

Accomodation, If you want to live on your own or with friends, private rented houses are also an option. This option may be ideal for students seeking independence and freedom.


Accomodation, Homestay option is available for students who want to learn a language or experience a different culture. By living with a family, you can have the opportunity to experience local life more closely.

Student Housing Or Studio Apartments

Accomodation, Another popular option among students is shared houses. A group of students live together, sharing the rent and other expenses of the house. This option may be ideal for students seeking independence and social interaction.

Hotel Or Hostel

Accomodation Hotels or hostels may be preferred for short-term training programs or for those looking for a temporary stay before committing to accommodation options more. However, this option can often be more expensive.

Family Accomodation

Sharing Culture: One advantage of homestay is that the family promotes their own culture and is friendly with you. In this way, you will have made a close friend, a new family or even a friend in another country.

Language Development: Suppose you are abroad to improve your language. Many families are affectionate and talkative. In addition, most of the families’ mother tongue is English. When you stay in a homestay, you can have the opportunity to improve your English skills by hearing correct English.

Dining Experience: Homestay is usually offered on a half board basis. If you do not like to cook and are curious about the cuisine of the country you are visiting, this accommodation offers you the opportunity to try its dishes.

Affordability: In many countries, homestay accommodation is more economical than dormitory accommodation. In this way, you can save more money for traveling by saving on your accommodation costs.

Disadvantages of Homestay

Limited Freedom: Individuals who choose homestay accommodation may feel that their freedom is restricted. Getting to school in big cities can take up to an hour by public transport, especially since families often live in suburban areas.

Shared Spaces: Homestays usually have a single bathroom. This may cause discomfort for individuals who are sensitive about cleaning. In addition, some families’ meal choices and personal eating habits may not meet the expectations of the host.


Advantages Residentials

-Accomodation, Living in residence provides a more comfortable and independent experience than other accommodation options such as hotels or hostels.
-Residences are often environments where other international students also live.
-Staying in a residence usually has the amenities needed to meet your basic needs.
-Accomodation, You can have a bathroom in your own room in accordance with your budget.
-You will have the chance to meet and interact with more students from different countries.

Disadvantages Residentials

-May be more expensive than homestay.
-Many dorms may have limited dining options and have a kitchen available. Therefore, you may need to cook your own food.
-Especially if you are staying in apartment accommodation, your roommates may be of different age groups than you, and this carries a risk. At the same time, there is always the possibility of events such as parties when you need to study at home.

Residence Style Accommodation

Accomodation, Rezidans style dormitories are generally located in modern buildings with high standards. They offer comfortable furnishings, contemporary design and well-equipped spaces. Students can feel at home in a comfortable living environment.


High Standards: Residence-style dormitories are generally located in modern, high-standard buildings. They offer comfortable furniture, contemporary design and well-equipped spaces. Students have the opportunity to stay in a comfortable living environment.

Security: Security measures are generally taken in residence halls. This makes students feel safe. Measures such as access control with student cards, security cameras, and 24-hour reception service ensure that students live in peace.

Location and Accessibility: Residence halls are generally located close to university campuses or city centers. This provides easy transportation for students. Being close to classes, libraries, shopping malls and other important points allows students to save time and meet their needs with ease.


Support and Communication: Residence halls usually have a management team. This team provides support to students, answers their questions and responds to their needs. There is also the opportunity to communicate with other students living in residence halls and create social networks.


Cost: Residence-style dorms generally cost more than other housing options. These types of residences can be more expensive because they often provide a more modern living experience and additional services. It is important for students to consider whether it works with their budget.

Crowded: Residence dormitories can generally be large buildings that accommodate many students. In this case, problems such as noise, crowded environments, or limited privacy may arise for some students. It is important for students to consider their personal preferences and comfort levels.

Rules and Restrictions: Certain rules and restrictions may apply to students staying in residence halls. For example, there may be rules such as a rule of silence at certain hours, limited admission of guests, restrictions on the use of common areas. These rules may be restrictive or uncomfortable for some students.

Freedom Restrictions: Students living in residence halls may face some freedom restrictions. For example, activities such as smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages, or keeping pets may be prohibited in some residence halls. It is important for students to consider their individual preferences and lifestyles.

Residence style dormitory accommodation in the UK is an option for many students that enriches their social experience and allows them to experience campus life to the full. However, it is important for students to consider other accommodation options based on their needs and preferences.

Shared Student House

Students living in shared student housing can reduce costs by sharing expenses such as rent, water and electricity. This may be a more economical option than renting a home individually.Shared student housing allows different students to come together and encourages social interaction. Shared spaces with roommates provide the opportunity to spend time together and make friends.Living in shared student housing can give students more responsibility and independence. It helps them gain experience in housework, budget management and the responsibilities of daily life.It can sometimes be difficult to adapt in shared houses where students with different personalities live together. Conflicts may arise between different lifestyles, cleaning habits and routines.Living in a shared house may also require sharing some problems. For example, there may be disagreements between housemates on issues such as cleanliness, noise, and the reception of guests.

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All consultancy services are provided by our academicians who hold a master’s, research fellowship or doctorate degree from a UK and/or US institution.

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