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Foundation Program and Application Process

The Foundation Program is a pre-university educational program designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop their academic and language skills in preparation for university.

Application Timing: Foundation program applications typically vary according to the academic calendar of universities, but they generally commence before the autumn term. Early application can provide with more opportunities.

Duration of Education: The duration of the foundation program is usually one year. However, some programs may vary, so it is important to pay attention to the details of the program.

Academic Profile and University Research

Research is conducted to identify suitable universities and departments based on your academic profile, and the most appropriate programs are determined for you. During this process, our experts guide you to identify the education opportunities that best align with your goals and interests.

Application Process

Applications are made through application platforms such as UCAS, CommonApp, etc. These platforms conveniently gather the application processes of many universities in one place for you.

University Applications and Scholarship Guidance

Applications to prestigious universities in the UK, US, and Europe are supported and guided by our experts. Additionally, guidance is provided on scholarship opportunities suitable for you.

Academic Documents and Accommodation

Preparation of your academic CV and review of your statement of purpose by professors are ensured. Assistance for finding the suitable accommodation is also provided, should you need it.


Undergraduate UK

Undergraduate USA

Undergraduate Canada

Undergraduate The duration of undergraduate education in the UK is usually three years. However, for medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and some engineering departments it takes longer to complete the program. The undergraduate education term usually starts in late September or early October.

During the undergraduate education, students take compulsory and elective courses. Throughout the academic year, students are required to write essays, present individually or in groups, and take written essays at the end of the semester or the year. Although written examinations are mandatory in many universities and departments in the UK, over last years a large number of departments have replaced the written examination system with essays, which are assessed and graded by the course instructor and an external reader.

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Undergraduate Application

Students who have completed high school or pre-undergraduate education (A-Level) in the UK can apply for university through the UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) system – students can apply up to 5 universities. Students applying through the UCAS system have to submit a Personal Statement of 750 words (max). Universities may offer unconditional or conditional acceptance.

Foundation Program

Many universities list the Foundation Program as a pre-requisite for international students’ Bachelor’s degree application. Thus, the Foundation program is rather a transition program directed towards undergraduate education. Although students with a very high GPA and a very good level of English can be exempted from the Foundation program, most universities prefer to accept students through/after Foundation programs.

The Foundation program lasts for one year, and the courses to be taken depend on the area the student indents to study at university. For example, students who want to study Engineering or Architecture receive more math-related courses during the Foundation program, while students who want to study Law or Business take courses in Social Sciences. Those who successfully complete the Foundation program are placed in the Bachelor’s degree program that offered them conditional acceptance.

While many universities in the UK offer Foundation programs, programs run by private institutions are also recognized by many universities. Some special Foundation programs are even directly linked to some universities. Students who have successfully completed the Foundation program at such an institution can directly transfer to an allied university.

Students who want to participate in Foundation programs must have an IELTS score around 5.5.

Time Academy offers a comprehensive consultancy service for Foundation programs offered by universities and private educational institutions in the UK.

Why Study Here?

The vast majority of the universities in the United Kingdom (UK) rank among the top 100 across the world. As of August 2017, there were 130 universities and university colleges in the UK.

 Graduates of British universities can easily find academic or professional jobs all over the world.

The PLP in Drafting Legislation, Regulation, and Policy has been offered by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies with considerable success since 2004.


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