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Selection of Program and University Aligned with Your Career Goals

Suitability Assessment: We analyse whether the program you desire aligns with your academic and professional career. This helps us determine the most suitable educational path to help you achieve your career goals.

Best Options: We identify the most suitable university and program options for you, offering the best educational opportunities to support your career aspirations.

Pre-Master’s and Direct Masters Degree Decision

Pre-Masters Degree Requirement: We evaluate whether you need to pursue a pre-master’s program. In some cases, pre-master’s programs may be more suitable for you, while in others, pursuing a direct master’s may be more advantageous.

Introduction to Master’s Programs and Universities


Comprehensive Introduction: We provide detailed introductions to all master’s programs and universities suitable for you, guiding you through evaluating the best options.

Personal Statement and Mentoring Service

Personal Statement Preparation: Our professors mentor you in preparing your personal statement, strengthening your applications with the most impressive and personal expressions.

Scholarship Applications and Accommodation Organization

Scholarship Guidance: We assist you in applying for scholarships, identify suitable scholarship opportunities for you, and guide you through the application process.

Accommodation Service: If needed, we help you arrange accommodation, ensuring you find a comfortable and secure housing option.

Application Process Management

Application Forms: We fill out all application forms for you, ensuring your applications are complete and error-free, thus ensuring a smooth application process.

Masters Degree UK

Masters Degree USA

Masters Degree Canada

Masters Degree Whether you’re seeking to specialize in a specific field, enhance your professional qualifications, or pursue a passion for research, our  programs provide a solid foundation for success. Join us at Time Academy and unlock a world of academic excellence and limitless opportunities.

Contact us today to explore our Masters Degree programs and take the first step towards a rewarding educational journey.

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Graduate Program

Masters Degree As part of our commitment to fostering academic excellence, we offer a diverse range of graduate programs that cater to students seeking advanced degrees. Our graduate programs span various disciplines and are available in esteemed institutions across the UK, USA, and Canada.

Master’s Degrees

LLM Master of Laws
MA Master of Arts
MBA Master of Business Administration
MBA Master of Business Administration
MEd Master of Education
MEng Master of Engineering
MLitt Master of Letters
MPhil Master of Philosophy
MRes Master of Research
MSc Master of Science
PgCetr Postgraduate Certificate
PgDip Postgraduate Diploma
Masters Degree In Canada

Obtaining a Master’s degree can provide you with advanced knowledge and skills in a specific field, enhance your career prospects, and open up new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Determine the field or discipline in which you want to specialize. Consider your career goals, interests, and passion when selecting a Master’s program.

Look for universities or institutions that offer reputable Master’s degree programs in your chosen field. Consider factors such as program curriculum, faculty expertise, research opportunities, location, and cost.

Master’s Degree Programs

Program Master’s Degree
Human Rights Law LLM
International and Comparative Commercial Law LLM
International Commercial Law LLM
International Law LLM
Islamic Law LLM
Anthropological Research Methods MA
Anthropology of Food MA
Architecture MA
Bioengineering MA
Bioengineering MA
Biology MA
Biomedical Engineering MA
Biosciences and Biotechnology MA
Biosciences and Biotechnology MA
Business Studies MA
Chemistry MA
Chinese Studies MA
Classical Archaeology MA
Clinic Psychology MA
Communication MA
Comparative Literature (Africa / Asia) MA
Computing Science MA
Computing Security and Reliability MA
Construction Method Engineering MA
Critical Media and Cultural Studies MA
Cultural Studies MA
Cultural Studies MA
Development Studies MA
Development Studies MA
Diplomatic Studies MA
Economics MA
Education MA
Energy and Environmental Change MA
English and American Studies MA
English Language and Linguistics MA
Film and Media Studies MA
Finance MA
Geography MA
Human Resource Management MA
Human Rights MA
Interdisciplinary Studies MA
Interior Design MA
International Journalisms MA
International Politics MA
International Relations MA
International Relations MA
International Relations and Democratic Politics MA
International Relations and Politics of the Middle East MA
International Relations and Security MA
Islamic Art and Archaeology MA
Journalism MA
Management MA
Marketing MA
Mechanical Engineering MA
Media and Development MA
Media and the Middle East MA
Media Studies MA
Medical Anthropology MA
Migration and Diaspora Studies MA
Modern Languages MA
Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture MA
Music (Musicology) MA
Nuclear Engineering MA
Oriental Studies MA
Petroleum Engineering (Campus) MA
Philosophical Theology MA
Philosophy MA
Politics of Asian Studies MA
Political Theory MA
Politics MA
Postcolonial Studies MA
Psychology MA


Program Master’s Degree
Public Financial Management MA
Public Policy MA
Public Relations MA
Social Anthropology MA
Social Anthropology of Development MA
Social Media, Culture and Society MA
Study of Religion MA
Tourism Management MA
Translation and Interpreting MA
Women’s Studies MA
Religion, Law and Society MA/LLM
Executive MBA MBA
Master of Business Administration MBA
Advanced Software Engineering MSc
Architecture and Environmental Design MSc
Biomedical Sciences MSc
Biomedical Sciences (Cancer Biology) MSc
Civil Engineering MSc
Civil Engineering Structures MSc
Classical Archaeology MSc
Clinical and Health Psychology MSc
Comparative Politics, Administration, and Society MSc
Comparative Social Policy MSc
Comparative Social Policy MSc
Computer Science MSc
Construction Management MSc
Construction Project Management MSc
Contemporary Chinese Studies MSc
Creative Writing MSc
Criminology and Criminal Justice MSc
Criminology and Criminal Justice MSc
Cyber Security MSc
Data Science MSc
Economic and Social History MSc
Economics for Development MSc
Education (Child Development and Education) MSc
Electrical Engineering for Modern Sustainable Transport Systems MSc
Electronic Engineering MSc
Energy and Environmental Technology and Economics MSc
Energy Engineering MSc
Environmental Change and Management MSc
Finance (Banking) MSc
Financial Economics MSc
Global Governance and Diplomacy MSc
Government, Policy and Politics MSc
Health Psychology MSc
Historical Studies MSc
History MSc
Information Science MSc
Information Systems and Technology MSc
International Human Rights Law MSc
Islamic Studies and History MSc
Law and Finance MSc
Marketing Management (Advanced Standing) MSc
Mathematical Finance MSc
Medical Anthropology MSc
Middle East Politics MSc
Migration Studies MSc
Modern Middle Eastern Studies MSc
Physics MSc
Political Theory Research MSc
Politics Research MSc
Project Management MSc
Project Management, Finance and Risk MSc
Refugee and Forced Migration Studies MSc
Renewable Energy and Power Systems Management MSc
Sociology MSc
Software Engineering MSc
Statistical Science MSc
Structural Engineering MSc
Systems Engineering (Electronic) and Engineering Management MSc
Theology MSc
Water, Waste and Environmental Engineering MSc

At Time Academy, we are committed to providing exceptional educational opportunities and comprehensive consultancy services to students worldwide.


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  • ‘I had never not taught I could do my postgraduate degree at Oxford University until I met Time Academy! Thanks to its excellent staff who assisted me to secure a place at such a prestigious University’

  • Time Academy provided me excellent consultancy for MA applications in the USA. With Time Academy’s great consultancy I am at the Colombia University’


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