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Foundation Program and Application Process

The Foundation Program is a pre-university educational program designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop their academic and language skills in preparation for university.

Application Timing: Foundation program applications typically vary according to the academic calendar of universities, but they generally commence before the autumn term. Early application can provide with more opportunities.

Duration of Education: The duration of the foundation program is usually one year. However, some programs may vary, so it is important to pay attention to the details of the program.

Academic Profile and University Research

Research is conducted to identify suitable universities and departments based on your academic profile, and the most appropriate programs are determined for you. During this process, our experts guide you to identify the education opportunities that best align with your goals and interests.

Application Process

Applications are made through application platforms such as UCAS, CommonApp, etc. These platforms conveniently gather the application processes of many universities in one place for you.

University Applications and Scholarship Guidance

Applications to prestigious universities in the UK, US, and Europe are supported and guided by our experts. Additionally, guidance is provided on scholarship opportunities suitable for you.

Academic Documents and Accommodation

Preparation of your academic CV and review of your statement of purpose by professors are ensured. Assistance for finding the suitable accommodation is also provided, should you need it.

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What is the foundation program?

The Program at Time Academy is a comprehensive educational curriculum designed to provide students with a solid academic and prepare them for future success. This program serves as a bridge between secondary education and higher-level studies, equipping students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in their chosen academic pursuits.

Our Program offers a structured and rigorous curriculum that covers key subject areas, including English language proficiency, mathematics, sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Through a combination of interactive classroom instruction, practical exercises, and engaging activities, students gain a deep understanding of fundamental concepts while honing their critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills.

At Time Academy, we understand the importance of personalized learning. Therefore, our Program is tailored to meet the unique needs and abilities of each student. Our experienced and dedicated faculty members provide individualized attention, fostering a supportive learning environment where students can thrive and reach their full potential.

Upon successful completion of the Program, students are equipped with the academic aptitude and confidence to pursue higher education at renowned universities and colleges, both domestically and internationally. Our program not only prepares students academically but also nurtures their personal growth, fostering qualities such as resilience, adaptability, and perseverance that are essential for lifelong success.

What are the contributions of foundation education?

At Time Academy, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of educational services, including our esteemed English language school. One of the key pillars of our educational approach is education, which plays a crucial role in shaping students’ academic journeys. In this article, we will explore the invaluable contributions of education and how it paves the way for future success.

Education serves as a stepping stone for students embarking on their higher education journey. It provides a solid grounding in fundamental subjects, ensuring that students have the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in their chosen fields. 

Education goes beyond subject-specific knowledge. It also emphasizes the development of essential study skills and learning strategies. Students are equipped with effective research techniques, time management skills, and critical analysis abilities.

Perhaps one of the most significant contributions of education is its role in facilitating a seamless transition to higher education. By bridging the gap between secondary school and undergraduate studies, programs ensure that students are well-prepared for the rigors of university-level education. Students develop the necessary academic maturity, critical thinking abilities, and subject-specific knowledge required to excel in their chosen fields of study.

Education recognizes the importance of holistic development. It provides students with opportunities to enhance their personal and social skills, fostering self-confidence, teamwork, and effective communication. 

Education forms the bedrock of academic success, providing students with a strong academic , fostering exploration of diverse disciplines, and developing essential study skills. It also nurtures personal and social development while ensuring a smooth transition to higher education. At Time Academy, we recognize the invaluable contributions of education and are committed to empowering students to achieve their academic aspirations through our comprehensive educational services.

When does foundation training start?

The duration of the preparatory program may vary depending on the country, university and program type you choose. Preparatory programs generally last between 1 and 2 years. However, in some cases this period may be shorter or longer.

As Time Academy, we offer comprehensive consultancy services to our students regarding preparation programs. Our expert consultants will provide you with the most up-to-date information about the duration of the preparation program depending on the country and university you intend to apply to and will help you choose the program that is suitable for you.

Terms of the foundation program

The Program is a program that helps foreign students prepare for university education. In order to participate in the Program, you must meet the following conditions:

IELTS Exam: You must have at least a score of 4.0 in all bands of the IELTS exam. Also, you must have an average score of at least 4.5.

In general, applications for preparatory programs are usually made a few months before the start of the academic year. Therefore, it is recommended that you submit applications as early as possible. Applying early gives you more time and helps you manage the application process better. Additionally, some universities may offer benefits to students who apply early, so it’s important to complete your applications on time.

As Time Academy, we are happy to work with our expert consultants to guide your applications to preparatory programs and assist you in the application process. We can support you to best prepare your application and guide you through the application process. Do not hesitate to contact us to plan your applications and comply with the application deadlines.

Foundation program duration

At Time Academy, we offer a comprehensive range of educational opportunities, including our esteemed Program. Our Program serves as a stepping stone for students seeking to pursue higher education in the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (US), Canada, and other countries.

The Program at Time Academy provides students with a solid academic and essential skills necessary for success in their chosen fields. Whether you are aiming to study in the fields of Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Business, or any other discipline, our program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and capabilities required to excel.

The duration of our Program is tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of each student. Typically, the program spans a period of one academic year, allowing students to fully immerse themselves in their studies and develop a strong academic profile. During this time, students will engage in a rigorous curriculum that encompasses a wide range of subjects, ensuring a well-rounded education.

When should i apply for foundation programs?

The application timeline may vary depending on the specific institution and country you are applying to, so it is important to research and familiarize yourself with the deadlines and requirements of each university or college offering Programs.

In general, here are some guidelines regarding the application timeline for Foundation Programs:

  1. Research and Planning
  2. Application Period
  3. Entry Requirements
  4. Deadlines
  5. Preparation and Submission
  6. Allow for Processing Time
  7. Consider Multiple Options

Content of the foundation training program

Students participating in the program take courses in two different departments:

Students participating in the program usually take courses in two different departments. This approach allows students to receive a general education while also allowing them to focus on an area of interest. The two parts are generally organized as follows:

Core Courses: The program includes core courses to provide students with a general education. These courses usually cover core subjects such as language and communication skills development, mathematics, science, social sciences, art and music. Core courses enable students to acquire general knowledge and develop general academic skills.

Field Courses: In the program, students also take courses in a field of interest. These courses prepare students for a particular discipline or professional field. For example, in-depth courses may be offered in fields such as engineering, business, health sciences, and computer science. These field courses provide students with basic knowledge and skills in the field they are interested in, allowing them to focus on a more specific field at the undergraduate level in the future.

Accommodation during foundation training

Students have the opportunity to stay in university dormitories during the years. The dormitory options are varied and are usually single-person. Each room has a toilet and a bathroom. There are usually 6-7 rooms on one floor, and students use a common kitchen, which offers the opportunity to socialize. By contacting your advisor, you can get information about the most suitable dormitory rooms that meet your requirements and get him to help you with your applications.

Foundation tuition fee

Tuition fees at universities vary depending on the university, department and type of program. Additionally, the country where the university is located and the nationality of the student may also have an impact on fees. Therefore, more details about a particular university or program are needed to specify an exact tuition fee.


Engineering and Technology

This department focuses on subjects related to engineering disciplines such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, and information technology.

Students in this department may study mathematics, physics, programming, and engineering principles.

Health Sciences

This department is dedicated to subjects related to health professions and medical sciences.

It may include courses in anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, nursing, nutrition, and public health.

Humanities and Arts

This department encompasses disciplines such as literature, history, philosophy, fine arts, music, and languages.

Students may engage in critical analysis, creative expression, cultural studies, and language proficiency development.

Business and Economics

This department covers subjects related to business administration, economics, finance, marketing, accounting, and entrepreneurship.

Students may learn about business management, market analysis, financial planning, and relevant economic theories.

Social Sciences

The social sciences department covers disciplines such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, and international relations.

Students may explore topics related to human behavior, social structures, cultural studies, and political systems.

Communication and Media Studies

This department explores subjects related to mass communication, journalism, media production, public relations, and digital media.

Students may learn about media theories, journalism ethics, media production techniques, and effective communication strategies.


Schools that only provide foundation education in England are as follows;


Kaplan International, which offers preparatory education at the most preferred universities in England, America and Australia, provides education at 12 universities in England.


INTO, which offers preparatory education at leading universities in America, China and England, offers in England with 13 different campuses.


Cambridge Education offers preparatory education for the most distinguished universities in England, Netherlands, Sweden, America. experience at 15 UK universities.


Navitas, which has been providing preparatory support for university education for 40 years in countries such as Australia, England, America, Canada and the Netherlands, provides education at 13 universities in England.


StudyGroup grants access to the world’s leading universities. You can start your undergraduate education with education at 21 universities in England.


Oxford International, one of the largest educational institutions in England, offers university preparatory year support. education at 4 universities in England.

**In most Foundation programs, students can benefit from the libraries, equipment and sports facilities on campus.

Schools Of Foundation Education

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