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Law and Trial Advocacy Academy

Oxford Royale’s Law and Trial Advocacy Academy hosted on campus at Yale University provides you with a broad introduction to the theory and practice of .  It will equip you with a strong set of logical and argumentative skill through legal case studies and a Mock Trial Simulation, teaching you how to develop, argue and win your case.

Gain insight into Criminal and Civil Law, while exploring facets of Business Law, Contract Law, Ethics and Human Rights. Experience the legal process and learn about evidence, case preparation, oral arguments, cross-examination and witness preparation as you grow your knowledge of the legal profession. Strengthen your critical thinking, communication and rhetorical skills as you compete in the Mock Trial Simulation.


Great if you're thinking about
  • Strengthening your skills or performance capacity in mock trial competitions
  • Pursuing the study of law at university
  • Identifying the pathway towards a career in
On this course you will
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