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Inventing the Future: Business, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

İs the process of promoting and selling products or services to customers. It involves various activities aimed at understanding customer needs and preferences, developing products that meet those needs, and effectively communicating the value of those products to target audiences. Plays a crucial role in driving sales, building brand awareness, and fostering customer relationships.

Pitch your idea and kickstart your career in business. ‘Inventing the Future’ will equip you with the skills, tools and mindset to innovate and create the future. This comprehensive immersion into business principles, innovation methods and entrepreneurial thinking will enable you to incubate your idea, and accelerate it into a successful business.

Immerse yourself in the core principles of business management, early stage innovation and entrepreneurial behaviours that drive value creation. Network with business faculty and successful executives and innovators as you gain insights into accounting, finance, marketing, and business ethics.

Great if you're thinking about
  • Launching your own business venture
  • Developing an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Pursuing a Business, Finance or Marketing degree at university
  • Becoming the next generation of innovation leaders
On this course you will
  • Learn how markets work and how you can launch your own business
  • Identify and solve business and market problems
  • Explore innovation methodologies to solve challenges and identify opportunities
  • Acquire value proposition design and business pitch skills
  • Develop competencies in business modeling, project management, market research, business analysis, and concept development
  • Strengthen your capacity for leadership and collaboration
What's Included in Marketing?
  • Covers all activities carried out to present a product or service to the consumer.
  • At the beginning of the marketing process, market research is conducted to gather information about the needs, expectations and preferences of the target market.
  • Product and Service Development
  • Market Research and Pricing
  • Brand Management
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