Politics and Leadership

Politics and Leadership
Summer Courses
For Ages
13-15 Years, 16-18 Years, 19+ Years
Cambridge, London, Oxford
Politics & Leadership
Politics and Leadership

Politics and Leadership  are intertwined concepts that play crucial roles in shaping societies, governments, and decision-making processes. 

Politics and Leadership to the activities, actions, and policies used to gain and hold power in a government or to i rcise of authority within a society. Politics encompasses a range of activities, including elections, governance, policy-making, diplomacy, and public administration.

Politics revolves around the acquisition, exercise, and distribution of power. Power can be obtained through various means, such as elections, appointments, wealth, influence, or coercion.

Politics and Leadership are the structures and institutions through which political power is organized and exercised. Examples include democracies, monarchies, autocracies, and the various forms of government that exist worldwide.

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Great if you're thinking about
  • Conserving the diversity of earth’s wildlife for the next generation
  • Ensuring access to clean water for a growing population
  • Addressing climate change with meaningful yet practical ideas
  • Pursuing a future career in climate science, law, or government
On this course you will
  • Identify different leadership styles and the critical skills needed to lead effectively
  • Refine your public speaking and debating skills
  • Expand your knowledge on emerging global issues like climate change, natural resources, wildlife conservation, and global leadership
  • Explore the roles of National Governments and global agencies like the United Nations
  • Discover career pathways in the fields of climate science, politics, law, and wildlife conservation
  • Develop a network of future global leaders
  • Strengthen your critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity skills
What's Included in Politics and Leadership?
  • Introduction to Politics
  • Effective leadership strategies, styles and ethical considerations
  • Global political dynamics, diplomatic relations and international cooperation
  • intersection of politics and economics
  • Projects and assignments that require critical analysis of political issues and policies
  • Practical experience through internships in political organizations, government agencies or NGOs
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