Tech and Coding

Tech and Coding
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Tech & Coding
Tech and Coding

Tech and Coding refer to the field of technology and the practice of writing instructions (code) to instruct computers and software systems to perform specific tasks. It encompasses a wide range of disciplines and skills related to computer science, software development, and information technology. Tech and Coding have become increasingly important in various industries, driving innovation, automation, and digital transformation.

You can improve the current situation by generating new ideas and solutions. Innovation is the process of creating new products, services or business models in the fields of technology and coding. In this process, it is important to understand users’ needs and future trends.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have great potential in many fields in the future. These technologies can be used in automatic decision making, prediction, language processing, image recognition and many more areas. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, you have the opportunity to find solutions to future problems and develop innovative applications.

Full stack development involves working on both the front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side) of web applications. Full stack developers have knowledge and skills in multiple technologies, including front-end languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and back-end technologies such as databases, server frameworks, and APIs. They are capable of handling various aspects of application development.

Programming languages are used to write instructions (code) that computers can understand and execute. Examples of programming languages include Python, Java, C++, JavaScript, Ruby, and many more. Each language has its own syntax and features, making it suitable for different types of applications and tasks.

Cloud computing involves the delivery of computing services, such as storage, processing power, and databases, over the internet. Cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud, provide infrastructure and services that developers can leverage to build and deploy applications. Cloud computing offers scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness for hosting and managing software systems.

Great if you're thinking about
  • Tech & Coding
  • Computer engineering deals with the design of computer systems, software development, networks, artificial intelligence, databases and more.
  • Computer engineers contribute to the development of new technologies by bridging software and hardware.
  • Engineering is the process of designing, developing, building and solving problems using scientific and mathematical principles.
  • Mobile app development involves creating applications specifically designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • Developers use programming languages like Java or Swift, along with mobile app frameworks, to create native or cross-platform mobile apps.
  • Mobile app development encompasses user interface design, performance optimization, and integration with device features.
On this course you will
  • Learn how to compare multiple fields of engineering and find your potential career pathway
  • Gain insight into emerging technology, advanced robotics and the grand challenges of engineering
  • Learn and apply engineering principles to design challenges
  • Master problem solving and critical thinking skills through the Capstone Project
  • Learn how to design, develop, and propose a technical innovation to a grand challenge, team building, project management, data visualisation and presenting skills
  • Full stack development involves working on both the front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side) of web applications.
What's Included in Tech and Coding
  • Tech and Coding Programming Languages
  • Database management, storage and organization of data
  • Software architecture, design and organization of large-scale software projects
  • Tech and Coding analyze large data set
  • design and organization of large-scale software projects
  • Tech and Coding skills are in high demand in today's digital age.
  • Proficiency in coding and technology opens up career opportunities in software development, data analysis, web development, cybersecurity, AI, and more
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