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Time Academy’s consultancy services cover the areas of Foreign Language education, Certificate, Bachelor’s, Masters, Doctorate/PhD, Post-Doctorate degrees; as well as Erasmus, Internship, and Work and Travel programs primarily in the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US), and also in Canada, Australia, Malta and many other European countries.

About Time Academy

Time Academy, with its team consisting of academicians and qualified consultants, offers a comprehensive consultancy service for those who want to study abroad.

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Learn More about Time Academy

Time Academy, with its team consisting of academicians and qualified consultants, offers a comprehensive consultancy service for those who want to study abroad.

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Time Academy offers a wide range of options in the fields of general, academic and professional English language programs.


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Your gateway to language schools, TOEFL/IELTS prep, and successful placements in diverse programs across various disciplines.

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It is very easy to use

Free global consultancy for language school and university applications, with HQ in London and Istanbul, offering in-person or online meetings worldwide.


Time Academy is a leading global provider of elite summer and has welcomed over thousands of students from several nations since years. Join our international community for a summer to shape your future.

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Take a tour in Time Academy and you will find the best university in the state. The video will take you to every places in this university.

Higher Education in USA
Higher Education in Canada
Higher Education in UK
Why choose Higher Education in Canada

The United States of America (USA) attracts students from all around the world with its around 4,000 higher education institutions and well-established education system. The regulation and funding of the education system is to a great extent managed by the state governments.

Higher education schools can be classified as public and private schools in terms of their institutional structure, and as two-year colleges (e.g. Community Colleges) and four-year colleges or universities In terms of duration of education.

In general, colleges focus only on undergraduate education. Universities, however, offer master’s and doctorate degree programs along with undergraduate degree. It is possible to start higher education at two-year college and then transfer to a university to continue from the third year on.

Why choose Higher Education in Canada?


The high quality of living conditions and education, low crime rates, a beautiful nature, and a convenient public transportation system are among the reasons for preferring Canadian as an education destination.

Canadian universities offer undergraduate, master’s or doctoral degree, as well as part-time and full-time certificate programs.


The diplomas of Canadian universities are recognized worldwide.

Why choose Higher Education in UK?

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the world’s most popular countries in education and training. Many universities in the UK have a history that dates back centuries.

The IELTS, originating from the UK, is recognized by world universities as an examination assessing the level of English proficiency.


In the UK, universities require different IELTS scores depending on the higher education program and the degree. Many universities offer preparatory courses for students whose English level is not adequate and hence prepare conditionally admitted students for higher education courses.

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Expert consultants specializing in global language education, degree programs, and international opportunities.

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Discover diverse courses in Foreign Language Education, Certification, Bachelor’s, Master, Ph.D., and more, offered globally by Time Academy.

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Education Consultancy

Time Academy’s consultancy services

Cover the areas of Foreign Language education, Certificate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., Post-Doctorate degrees; as well as Erasmus, Internship, and Work and Study programs primarily in the United Kingdom and the United States, and also in Canada, Australia, Malta and many other European countries.

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All Time Academy students share the goals of exploring existing and newly discovered passions and unlocking their full potential. Many of our students go on to achieve incredible things, both in education and in their careers. Hear from students just like you about their experience with Time Academy through our video testimonials.


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Our courses are taught by world-class tutors and feature incredible guest speakers!

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  • Time academy’s experience in social sciences opened up huge opportunities for me to do my BA and MA in the UK. Their expert staff and academics in this field helped me to choose the best place

  • Studying at LSE was always my dream. I knew how selective the University is and thanks to the Time Academy to prepare me for this high competition and made me to receive an offer.

  • Time academy guided me to the best direction for PhD application. It provided me all the my support I needed to prepare, complete and submit my application form for doing my PhD in Law

  • My experience with the service was outstanding, and one I would recommend for anyone looking to apply abroad. The staff were extremly helpful and always there when I needed them. They followed the entire process from beginning to the end and made the application process enjoyable and informative. Through their excellent efforts, I received offers from various different universities and departments. Thanks to them, I can proudly say I made the right decision.

    Saudi Arabia